Welcome to my recipe page for Easy Enchiladas. First, let's clarify a few things......

Go back and re-read the title of the recipe. I'm Rae, and this is my recipe. What kind of a name is Rae, you might be asking? Well, it's a White Chick's name. So this is White Chick's enchiladas. I make no claim to Mexican authenticity. If you want an authentic Mexican recipe, search for something along the lines of Abulea Lupita's Authentic Mexican Enchiladas. This is my easy, get dinner on the table and feed the teenage boys (hereby known as The Locusts) and my hardworking Honey and not spend all night in the kitchen recipe.

Cast of Characters for the enchiladas.....

Cooked chicken. 1 pound will make 8 enchiladas with about 1/4 cup filling each. Since we're big eaters, I use 2lbs or so for a pan. Go for whatever works for your family.
There are several ways to get your cooked chicken. You can buy boneless skinless breasts and sauté them with some Mexican seasoning. You can put breasts or thighs in the crockpot in the morning with seasoning or salsa and shred the meat when ready to use. You can buy a cooked rotisserie chicken and pull meat from that. For this particular recipe, I'm using breasts and legs from some cockerels I butchered.

Enchilada sauce. I like the green stuff for chicken. One large can is perfect for one pan of enchiladas.

Shredded cheese. I use either cheddar or cojack. You can use whatever you like. You need about a pound for a pan.

Olives. We like a lot of olives. I use almost a full can per pan.

Tortillas. Our family is low carb, so we use these low carb Mission flour tortillas. Most folks will use regular tortillas. 8 fit in a pan nicely.


To save yourself headache later, spray your pan with Pam. Otherwise the tortillas stick, even with sauce on the bottom of the pan. Pour about a cup of sauce in the chicken and mix well.
Pour a small amount of sauce in the bottom of the pan.

Lay a tortilla in the sauce in the pan.

Spoon desired amount of chicken with sauce on the tortilla.

Top with a small amount of shredded cheese.

Roll up the tortilla.

Repeat with remaining tortillas and filling.

Pour remaining sauce over enchiladas in the pan. Top with cheese and sliced olives.

Bake at 350 for 35 minutes or until browned and yummy.


Sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

In season, we'll use chopped fresh tomato instead of salsa. You can also just chop the avocado instead of making guacamole, but guacamole is much better!

Easy guacamole..
I used two avocados. About a tablespoon of mayonnaise per avocado, depending on the size. A good squirt of lime juice and some Mexican seasoning. Mix well. Taste and adjust seasonings and lime juice as needed.

Serve as is, or you can add refried beans and chips, Spanish rice, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy!