Aloha & Welcome to the Island with Rainbows!!!!!
Aloha All!! My name is Dee. I live on the luscious Island of Maui. Where the weather is unpredictable. Mostly rainy but the sun does come out and bring us rainbows. I have been raising Chickens ever since I was in the 5th grade. My first hen was Henny Penny named after that lovely book. I got this Hen from my teacher, Mrs. Young. I believe it was a Black Standard Cochin. (From what I recall, my teacher had a closed flock of them.)
I also received game Roos and Hens. A lot!! My grandfather was from the Philippines and yes raised that kind of birds, Game Fowl. My flock grew from that to other types of chicken Breeds. I also had all my tame game Roos stolen, my Grandpa's too. :-( I told myself I am never having game Roos cause they may get stolen again.
What I have right now in my pens are Pures and or Mixes ones I crosses and produced myself:
1) Non-Standard Ameracunas (Purchased, Produced and or Caught)
2) Game hens (Caught, Received and or Produced) 01/5/2011 Selling all of these slowly.
3) Cochins aka Feather Legged (Rescued, Received, and or Produced)
4) Sex-linked (Rescued & Produced)
5) Blue/Banty (Banties & Blue Feather genes)
6) Others/to be placed: RIR, Golden Spangled Humburg, Japanese Banty etc..

I have mapped the Breeding, eggs collected on the daily and also other things on my computer. My birds are treated with feed, range, and table scraps. ( My feed store says I spoil them.) I learned more about breeds from experience and friends. As I got into the book reading I noticed I still have a lot to aquire, but learning fast. I definitely like genetics cause it has produced some handsome chooks in my flock. (That is what I think at least.) As they say you never stop Learning.
But thanks to this site I have great teachers!