Possom Bug Willow, Brillo, Cricket

and Arrow

These are our dogs, each has a story, but notice that they are all black dogs. That is not by choice, black dogs are the least likely to be adopted, even in purebreds. Please remember that when you go to your local shelter...look at the black dogs, there are some great ones out there!
Cricket has been in our family for two years now. She was a puppy mill momma, and was adopted twice at our local shelter, but was brought back because she had "anxiety attacks". She is a short Min Pin, and she is just a joy. We don't know what that anxiety attack thing was all about, cause she has been nothing but delightful since we brought her home.
Possom was another shelter dog who was deemed "unadoptable". She had some kind of bad accident in the past, and is missing an eye. She is a smiling dog, and when ever she experiences stress, she picks up an object and "smiles". This was misinterpreted as showing her teeth! She was scheduled to be put down, and at the last minute, she became a great addition to our household.
Bug is our old man. His owner moved right after getting him as a puppy, and could no longer keep him. No one wanted him, so Steve brought him home one day from work. He is now 13 years old, and completely blind. He has bad hips, and can't hear well either, but he is still king of the pack!
Brillo and Willow were also shelter dogs. They are sisters of unknown breeding. We have tried for years to figure that one out. The only thing we are sure of, is they are great critter getters! They work together when they hunt, and we don't worry about any bad guys on our property thanks to their skills.
Arrow is a shepherd mix that came up to my workplace in a panic. She had been under fed, attacked by something, and was in awful shape. The vet said she had every parasite known to dogs, and Steve and the vet weren't sure she would survive. But survive she did, and she is the clown of the pack. Everybody loves to play with Arrow!
Haas is our doberguy. (pronounced hoss) He was stuck in a backyard that had a privacy fence all the way around. Small yard, no kids, no other dogs, doberman...receipe for trouble! The owners realised they were headed for trouble with him, so they gave him up for adoption. Steve is a doberman lover, and couldn't pass him up. When he came here, he was close to "red zone". Very obsessive, stubborn, and potentially dangerous. Lots of time, lots of discipline, and love have made a great dog, (he still runs up and down the fence when the neighbors mow....but not bad!)
Mr. T doesn't belong on this page, but I tell people I have a mini horse as big as my dog, and I have the picture to prove it! He is also a rescue, as are our other two.