Hi, I live in the city of Seattle and have a small urban farm in my backyard!
2 African Pygmy Goats
1 Australian Kelpie canine
1 4lb Chihuahua canine
and Many chickens!

Latte a Easter Egger. She lays light green eggs

Mocha a Easter Egger. She lays light green eggs

Righty and Lefty are White production Leghorns (one has a comb that falls right and the other falls left hence the names) They lay white eggs almost every day when not molting.
Will have to get some new photos! can't find any.....

Black Girl is a Black Sexlink and Black Jersy Giant mix that lays wonderful large dark brown eggs!
Blue Maran with Feathered Shanks who lays nice dark red/brown eggs (Lefty is behind Blue Baby)
Blue Baby

is a Maran x Ameraucana who lays wonderful olive eggs Splash

is a Bantam White Leghorn x Cochin Speedy


I have a few that are growing up and if they show better laying/egg colors/body then my current flock then I'll replace one of the hens in the 8 layer spots I have.
Growing up now are:
1 bantam pullet of unknown mix (for speedy!)
1 bantam Blue pullet that is a phoenix mix (for Speedy)

Poseidon a Blue Ameraucana and his Black lady Amphitrite are now part of my flock!

and Sitka and Starrigavan the trouble makers of the yard.