Raising baby chicks~tips and tricks

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    Baby chicks are cute,cuddly,and soft baby animal.but,like all baby's,they are very very very fragile,and need close watching,and care.here is a article that covers most of the basics.such as:setting up the brooder.were do I start?.what breeds are good?and more!

    Setting up the brooder:
    Pretty simple you may think,but it takes some time ;)

    What you need:
    Toat,cardboard box,wooden box,ect.
    Wood chips(pine,not cedar,cedar can cause lung problems,and even death)
    Two small boards of wood
    Small waterer
    Small feeder.
    Heat lamp

    Pretty much it.

    Setting it up:
    1.Put the box in the place your going to keep the chicks.a extra room,or extra bathroom is ideal,not a place were you are all the time,chicks spread a lot of dust and it coats everything

    2.put several layers of newspaper on the bottom,and dump a bunch of shavings on it.when you do that,then put your two boards in one corner.when your done,it shoul look like this:
    (Yes,it only has one board)

    3.put your thermometer on the side and tape it,screw it,ect.

    4.fill the feeder with food,and the waterer with water and place them on the boards.for keeping the shavings dry farther down the road with plastic containers.

    5.put the heat lamp on and leave it on for a day,then go get your chicks!!!!

    We're do I start?.places to get your chicks beside hatcheries:
    1.Paris farmers union

    2.blue seal


    4.one of these stores only in maine:bobs

    All the places I know are only in maine,I think.

    What breeds?:here are some of my fav. Breeds,only the ones I know,tho:

    Barred rocks(BRs):sweet,kind birds that lay brown eggs.wight depends on bird.

    Easter eggers(EEs):great friendly breed that loves to be held.wight between 4-5 pounds.lay pink,blue,or light green eggs.color depends,but here are a few:

    Wyandotte's:(SLW.GLW.and more)
    Frienlyish,can be mean to the other birds.can come in a lot of colors,but golden laced and silver laced are very common.
    (Silver laced)

    Golden comet:
    Very sweet and chicks can be a bit small.
    (Baby golden comet)

    Black austerlorps(BAs):
    Very sweet.very in size,can be big and some small.
    (Small BA)

    I hope you enjoyed!


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    Thanks!i think it will help some newbes
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