After a lot of thinking I am all set to raise the "little ones" as I fondly call the chickens.
I have read a few tips on how to raise the chickens.I have just shared it for all our benefit.Have a look and hope it helps.Please help me with more tips and ideas.
Starting Your Chicken Flock from Baby Chicks:
One of the best ways to start raising chickens is by starting your chicken flock from day-old chicks. You can order them online from a chicken hatchery or get them at your local feed store (that's where many hobbyists get their start!).
Raising Your Baby Chicks:
You can keep your chicks in a large cardboard box with small holes punched into the side for ventilation--but watch out, a cold draft could kill them! A soft litter is a must, as well as fresh water and feed at all times (chick feed is specially formulated to be high in protein). You'll also need to keep them heated, because chicks like warmth! As your chicks grow, you'll need to move them into a chicken coop once they're fully feathered out and don't need the warmth of the brooder.