Raising Chicks Under a Broody Hen

Are you thinking about hatching eggs under a broody hen? Come, read this please!
By The Angry Hen · Jun 23, 2017 · ·
  1. The Angry Hen
    Hello Everybody,

    First off... I would like to thank you for opening this thread!
    Thank you! And second... Do you have a broody hen?

    Well, first you should make the decision; "Am I ready for babies?"
    To do this, yous should think; "Do I have the right food, water and layout?

    For the food you can use the started feed, it will not hurt anybody to use regular crumbles.
    Though, I will not suggest pellets for the little beaks.

    Then for the water, I normally take a regular water feeder, (with the red bottom) and put rocks...
    (Pebbles could work, as long as they are not ultra small!)

    To set up the layout, you will need a backup plan. "What if the mother hen isn't nice to the chicks? What if someone pecks the chicks?" All those questions!

    What I do is have an extra coop made of hardware cloth. If the coops are connected, I would suggest hardware cloth. I have seen a chick stick their head through regular chicken wire.

    So either hardware cloth a foot and chicken wire the rest, or a dog crate. Even in the house if your Mom, Dad, or spouse lets ya!

    Set it all up and you are prepared. Try not to put the food where the other chickens will try to bother the mother-to-be!

    Once you have it set up, all you need is fertile eggs! I would suggest as many as you want but I prefer at least 3. You place the eggs under the hen (note: Mark the eggs with numbers.)

    (I mark them with a few little pairs of sun glass!)
    You can use anything you want, but no sharpies! That will hurt the embryo, eggs have pours!

    I use a china marker.
    Then you place the eggs under the hens and wait three weeks!

    If you candle them, do it every week once or twice a week.
    So, I hope this helps! Have fun with your fertile eggs!

    -The Angry Hen

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  1. RoostersAreAwesome
    It says in your article that you can feed regular crumbles to chicks. I'm pretty sure feeding layer feed to non-laying chickens (especially chicks) is a bad idea.
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    2. RoostersAreAwesome
      Ok, I did some research, and it looks like layer is bad for non-laying chickens. It has excess calcium (so hens lay eggs with good shells) that damages the kidneys of non-layers, especially chicks. Chick starter also has more protein, which young chicks need.
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    3. RoostersAreAwesome
      Though many people do say it's fine to feed roosters layer, I don't think it's a good idea because there's so much calcium in layer that roosters don't need (they don't lay eggs... So they don't need all that extra calcium). In my opinion, it's better to be safe than sorry, so I feed flock rasier to all my chickens (except really young chicks, they get starter) with a side of oyster shell for the hen's eggs.
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    4. The Angry Hen
      Thanks for the info, I will look into that.
  2. DuckPro
    lol and no problem!
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  3. DuckPro
    Haha! I saw the gallery! Cute!
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Thanks!! I raised her in my room!!! :p lol!!
    2. The Angry Hen
      Oh, and thanks for the rating!!!!
  4. sassysarah
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Thank you!!! :hugs
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    2. sassysarah
      YOU RE WELCOME!!!!!!!
  5. Whittni
    You mean article? Threads are over on the forum bit on the top banner.
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Nope, I meant to make this as a article... I know about the threads. Thanks!
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