Day 2
Age: 1 week 1 day
Date: June 29th 2011

The Chicks slept very well through the night. I cleaned out their tub and while doing so I noticed that their poop was no sticky at all, meaning that they were not very stressed! New wood chips were put in the tub also. They ate almost a full Jar of food during the night so I refilled their feeder again. When I place the chicks into their newly fresh tub I check each chick’s but for pastiness. Thankfully none had a problem.

At about Noon I decided that they were in need of more space. I took them outside and let them run around an empty kiddy pool for about 20 minutes. They were In the shade for about fifteen minutes and began to huddle together, I moved them into the sun. With the temperatures being mildly hot, they began to pant and I moved them back into the shade. This showed me just how temperature sensitive chicks are!

By the end of the day their feeder was filled another 2 times and the water tank was freed of wood chips 3 times. I think they have shown just a bit of growth from yesterday when we got them, because the tub they are in has seemed to be getting cramped!

Today was a great day for my chicks to grow and experience the outside world for the first time!!