Raising Peacocks..

By MissMorgan7817 · Jul 28, 2018 · ·
  1. MissMorgan7817
    So i just raised ducks and chicks in the spring, I’m familiar with those now :)

    I’m now tackling peacocks and I’m so excited..I’m getting 2. Will 2 boys or 2 girls get along well? I’m hoping for a male and female but the chances are probably slim.
    Will I be able to introduce them to my existing flock of ducks and chickens or will they need to be separated? Obviously I wouldn’t add them until they were plenty old enough. I would love for everyone to get along. There will be about a 6 month age difference. Anything Else I need to know about peacocks?! Can’t wait to watch them grow :)

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
    1. MissMorgan7817
      Thank you, I am new to the site and have trouble figuring out where to post
    2. Yorkshire Coop
      No problem, we were all new once :)

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