May 3rd, 2011, our Silkie has been broody for a month and the 5 other hens have pecked her
poor head bald. I finally took mercy on her for her dedication and bought two Plymouth Barred
Rock chicks and slipped them under her last night. (she is a virgin, so we can't leave her eggs to hatch)
It was instant love and they think she's beautiful even though she now looks like a mini dinosaur.
I hope her top knot comes back!

June 22, '11 her top-knot is coming back in!

July 25th, 2011. Silkie went broody right away, her adopted Barred Rock babies were 10 weeks old, she laid 5 eggs and began setting. I took the eggs away but she has an agenda of her own. So, we drove 1 1/2 hours to get fertile Marans eggs for her and the lady's Silkies laid two eggs while we were there so they became part of the dozen I bought. I put 6 Maran eggs and the 2 Silkie eggs under her and volia! 21 days later at 5:45 am - 2 chickies are out and 2 more are pipping!!!every day

Yes, I will give them fresh hay as soon as all is settled down.