Wow! 23 people have visited this page, and there is nothing here!! I do apoligize, never thought anyone actually clicked on that button. Oh dear, up to 63!
Well, since you are here, hmmm, really, why are you here?? Let's see, when I first set up my profile information I did post that I live in Squaw Valley, but seeing how there are two Squaw Valley's in California, I kinda felt rude when I considered how many people would then assume I lived in the expensive ski resort town... which I do NOT! lol, I live in the other Squaw Valley which is on the 180, when you head up to Kings Canyon National Park. Six months out of the year, from October till early May, I'd say this is one of the most beautiful spots in California, but the rest of the year, the beaches win hands down.
Ok, well, that should be enough to reward you for clicking on that silly button. Have a good day!