Hello All!
I'm a Jersey-based mother of three to Winona-12, Calvin-10, and Jack-7, wife to a wonderful and talented husband-Justin, guardian of two cats-Chloe and Teddy and one turtle-Fleishman. I work with Justin for our photography business and tend to our family and mini-farm. I'm a fairly new and extremely excited chicken enthusiast.

the family​

My dad and I have a long history of building wacky projects together, so when I decided this week that I wanted backyard chickens I knew he would be down to rally for the cause. All it took was a quick phone call, and my dad and I were in Home Depot the very next day picking up supplies. We also picked up some much needed donated wood from my neighbor, Lauren {yay for Lauren!}. As a little girl I had a playhouse on stilts with a wrap-around deck, countless rebuilt roadside bicycles, homemade kites, and wooden slingshots and rubberband guns {and to my dismay, so now do my young boys thanks to their Grandpop}. I am, of course, photographing and taking video of the progress of my quest for backyard "peeps".

the coop at the end of Day 1

shoddy artist's rendering of the proposed final product​
UPDATE 06/28/09: We just finished the painting phase of the chicken coop project and we're just about ready to move the [future] chickens inside. The roof installation comes next, and then we'll move it into the old raspberry patch in the garden. Finally, we'll decorate it in a Mexican "Dia de los Muertos de Pollo" theme inspired by a picture Calvin drew when he was 5:​

"Skeleton Chicken" by Calvin Platt, age 5

UPDATE 06/30/09: We installed the roof, and the coop is finally finished... our peeps have arrived and are chillin' in their new crib!