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By rebelgal23 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. rebelgal23
    My Birds
    Old English
    1pr white
    1pr black
    1pr Ginger Red
    1pr Quail
    1p Silver Duck wing
    3pr Brassy Backs
    1pr Crele
    1pr blue brassy back sports
    1trio blue brassy backs
    2 pair brassy backs
    1trio brassy backs
    1pr lemon blue sports
    1 trio brown reds
    1 trio Splash
    1 trio blue brassy backs
    3 wheaton hens
    1 blue wheaton Roo
    1pr chocolate sports
    10 black hens

    1 Mottled Roo
    1pr Black

    Other bantams
    1pr Partridge Silkies
    1trio Brown Red Moderns
    1pr White Cornish
    1trio Buff Orpinton
    2 Easter Egger hens
    1pr Salmon favorelles
    5 Black Copper Maran Chicks

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