After watching too many forums and you tubes and examples here at the BYC we decided to build the coop for hour 3 hens. :)
This is the result, unfortunately we haven't take to many photos has we would like, but I think you could have the idea.
The measures were almost every one "by eye" ;) and the wood involved was almost everything recycled from another projects. The only wood we bought was the ones used to close the coop.
Overall the entire project so far cost us 20€ which is the red and white paint and the wood to close the coop.
10:00am lots of wood and still no idea how the project will become :)
11:00 we have the framing.
After lunch we start closing the coop with come nice wall wood.
Almost at the end of day one we have a nice window for the hens to look outside ;)
At the end of the day we have the nesting made...
First install of day two, the light, very important, for those early mornings and late coop cleanings...
We now have a door, still with no lock on it, but we have a door.
And at the end of day two we have a nice and painted coop for our 3 little hens.
Still some stuff to do, like:
- Painting the access ramp
- Fencing the "garden"
- Placing the feeder and waterier
- Making a bigger run, although our backyard is quite small, we still want our hens happy.
- Some other small changes.
And this was our first coop.