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By hitchyourwagon · Apr 23, 2014 · Updated Oct 2, 2014 · ·
  1. hitchyourwagon

    This combination yard feature and chicken coop is patterned off a 100 plus year old restored cabin I saw in Ohio's Amish country. The board and batten walls are constructed with rough sawed Cedar purchased from a small local mill. The metal roof was repurposed from an old barn that a friend tore down on his property. Exterior and landscaping were finished this week. Interior work begins next week. When complete the coop will feature five nesting boxes with exterior access, a closet with a work table built in with equipment storage above the table and feed storage below. The poured foundation (9x12) contains a drain for easy hosing out and waterproof plastic panel walls. The roof and west wall are insulated to maintain cooler temps in the summer heat.The roost will have a poop tray below for easy maintenance and odor control. The automated chicken door will be solar powered and controlled by a photocell. Chicks arrive mid May. A predator proof 6x35 foot run will be constructed this Summer. Reading what others have done in the construction of their coops on BackYard chickens has proven to be very valuable as we began work on our project. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Framing went up pretty quickly, siding was only slowed by the application of four coats of clear sealant. Of course we did have a good on site supervisor who "bird dogged" us on those early Spring days.

    Her title now changes from construction supervisor to protector of the birds.
    The recycled tin roof was a little more difficult to work with than if we had used new roofing materials, but the old timey look it added to the structure was worth it.
    The rocks for steps and a path were selected at a local quarry. The old weathered door was discovered at a local thrift store. We simply painted it a new color and added some additional stress.
    The interior is still being finished but we are getting close.
    Hen boxes directly below a window. Older grand daughter decided she needed to make curtains, so should be ready soon.
    Storage closet not yet finished but already being used to house the brooder as 16 chicks arrived last week.
    Youngest grand daughter is already assuming a motherly attitude toward the new baby chicks. Fun to watch!


    Finally finished the run. Run is covered, walled with hardware cloth, and surrounded by rocks to discourage digging predators. The floor is a fine gravel called "minus" here?


    Rock path leads to horse barn for the sloppy time of year access.


    The chicks have grown into chickens under the watchful eye of my chicken helper always ready to give them a treat.
    Should have eggs soon.[​IMG]

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  1. Nardo
    "Nice coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jan 7, 2019
    Such a picturesque coop. Good job.
  2. CCUK
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 15, 2018
    What a lovely coop. Really well built.


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  1. lwiese58
    This is such a fun coop! I, too, am eager to see some interior shots.
  2. highcountrybell
    beautiful, looks like a little guest house:)
  3. hitchyourwagon
    Completed the interior wall insulation today. Began applying the interior wall coverings of plastic wall board on the lower four feet of wall and recycled sheet metal on the upper five feet of walls. Will be glad when metal work is done. I will post some interior pictures once we get a little farther along. Thanks for your affirmation.
  4. Stumpy
    Absolutely lovely!
  5. Pescadoman66
    Nice work love the look. Would love to see some interior photos when you get the opportunity.
  6. Brookliner
    Love your coop. Just remember to predator proof. Hardware cloth is the thing to use not chicken wire. You will love the poop tray's.

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