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By Chickmama74 · Sep 19, 2012 · ·
  1. Chickmama74
    I have a typical A frame coop for my chickens and I wanted to build a run to make more space for them while I was not home. I had some old wire shelves that were sitting in the garage so I took some zip ties and wooden stakes and zipped them together, The steaks are there to make it stable. I just had to post this to show people that you don't have to spend a ton of money on store bought coops. The original coop was bought from a local guy who builds them for the local Co Op. [​IMG]


    It gives them more space to play and run during the day when I can't be there.

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  1. Tammy N
    I like that your using the stuff over Thats so Green I think this is one of my favorites
  2. Carebearsmiles
  3. Chickmama74
    Your welcome!! I also raised my chicks in my bed room in a couple of plastic tubs that I made cut outs for them to get to on side to the other.
  4. janinebeech
    Thanks for posting your idea. My chicks are still young and I would love to give them some time outside but am scared they will run away. This seems like the perfect solution. Now to rummage through mine and hubbies things things to see what I can dig out ....
  5. Stumpy
    What a great idea. I have some extra wire shelving, smaller pieces, though. Still, I could possibly use it.
  6. Chickmama74
    It is also heavy enough for a wind storm and the wind will not knock it down because the shelving fits under the coop drop down door.

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