Recycled Dresser Brooder

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    So here is the dresser I started out with for the Brooding box. Figured, it is the perfect size to keep either in my wife's class, or in our house for 6 weeks or so.

    Took out the drawer slides and partitions, and put in a new partition to make 2 levels of brooding box. Since the internets told me that my baby chicks need 1-2 sqft of space each, and the dresser is only 16" x 30" that only leaves me room for 3.33 chicks per level...
    I added a "track" for a piece of plexi glass under the top level so as not to have chicks pooping on other chicks heads :)
    I made the bottom level, and left a slot under the Hardware cloth for another piece of plexi glass so as not to get chick poop on the floor.
    Top door made and installed.
    Bottom door made and installed.
    Doors installed and heat lamps added. I also installed a dimmer switch to the lamps so I cna adjust the cooking temp of the babies :)

    This weekend my sons and I will be apinting it with some chalkboard paint that my little sister donated. I will add pics when we finish!

    Input would be greatly appreciated!!! I am new to this!

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  1. paridisefarm2009
    Great Idea for recycle !
  2. Stumpy

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