Red Door Inn

By barbieq · Sep 6, 2014 · ·
  1. barbieq
    This coop is 4 x 8 with a run on right 12 x 8, a run on left 10 x 8.

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  1. barbieq
    was told
  2. barbieq
    3 Red Star
    4 Red Hampshires
    2 White Rocks
    1 Barred Rock
    1 Barred Rock Roo
    2 Brahmas
    2 Black - not sure of the breed
    2 Buff Orps
    I hope to post pics of them this week, after reading on this site I think my chicks may not be what I were told by sellers.
    I am a newbie with the chickens and need all the help I can get. I have already changed the interior layout of the larger
    coop 3 times! The pecking order thing with the roosting is killing me. I cant stand the chicks being pecked on, so I buy
    another additional coop, thinking they will roost in it. I tried putting 5 of them in the smaller coop(with separate run) to roost at night, they kept going to door at the red door coop.......whats a girl to do?
  3. PEI chicken
    Your coop is beautiful. Do you have any chickens?

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