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By RedBreasted · May 22, 2015 · ·
  1. RedBreasted
    Hello there! I am James and I want to share my 3 pets, hens with you guys because this is a friendly forum and I know all of you are friendly people in real life! (I know I am!)

    Cutey is one of my best first ever hen! She is a beautiful lovely Brown Leghorn. Cutey can be noisy, mean, bad, and always scared my 2 teenagers chickens from eating her food. But she is really kind, lovely, pretty, and beautiful on the inside. She lay eggs 5 a week but the Brown Leghorn mainly egg up to 3 a week. Sometimes she can lay 6 a week! But Cutey is lovely and I do not want to lose her! I got her from Dunlap Hatchery here in Caldwell, Idaho. I got her on the second week of June last year so she is 11 months old and close to her birthday soon!

    Brownie Jr
    Now Brownie Jr is my not really favorite one. This is actually a Rhode Island Red hen. She is a tribute to Brownie, a RIR rooster who die last October 29 or 30. She is not that friendly and really bossy because she won't even let me give her just a touch. Brownie would let me do that if he is close to me. I got her alone with my Buff Orpington on February 2015 and they probably born somewhere close to the end of January. I got them the same place where I got Cutey. So the Buff Orpington and Brownie Jr are about 5 months old. They're not bad chickens.

    Okay, so my last chicken is Chewy! Now she is a Buff Orpington and she is pretty much kinda docile for me. I got her the same time when I got Brownie Jr. She always follow Brownie Jr wherever she goes and stay away from Cutey. Chewy is 5 months old too. Don't have that much to say about her.


    :D Thank you for hearing my beautiful and wonderful chickens! Have a nice day! :D

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  1. RedBreasted
    Thanks for commenting on my nice chickens!
  2. crazyfeathers
    Cutey is one nice looking bird. Thanks for sharing.

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