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    Along time ago my dad told me how cool it would be to raise chickens in the back yard... i was instanly hooked!! three days later we got 5 Amerucana X Rode Island Red chicks from r local feed store.


    thats them playing in the front yard eating outa my hand

    so fast forward a couple weeks an look now

    this is peep-

    she is a hen. peep got her name because when my mother frist got her in her hands she said "peep peep" an my mom said thats her name Peep. peep is white black an brown an she is at the bottom of the pecking order becuase she is smallest an shy

    this is peggysue-

    she is also a hen. peggysue was named by me an my cusins. she has pretty all black eyes an is slate black with one feather wiht a white tip on both sides of her wings. she is the "reble of the group" becuase when the 5 r feeding shes drinking an when there drinking shes eating, if the attention is on me she doent pay attetion, if the attetion aint on me she is wanting my attention. shes funny too becuase she likes to jump on my shoulders!

    this is pepper-

    she is a hen too. pepper got her name becuase of the red dots on the chest an back. she is at the top of the pecking order for sure!
    i would call her my "fat chicken" she eats so much an she poofs up her feathers so she looks big but shes accualy really small[​IMG]

    this is buster one of my roos-

    he was a good lookin roo but sadly he aint allowed in my neighboorhood so i gave him to one of my fathers workers who also has chicken an he needed a roo!

    this is my second roo big boy-

    now he is not the most "manly" looking roo becuase he had a flaat comb an small waddles but he was HUGE he toward over all the others on he fought with buster but he never won ( buster is just a boss [​IMG])

    so we were going to pick up some feed an i saw the chciken pen at the feed store ( get ready for chicken math +-x[​IMG]%[​IMG]#) and i saw a bunch of baby turkeys an EE chicks an i said "dad look they got turkeys!!" an he said " thats cool lets get one" an i said if we get a turkey we have to get another chick too he said ok!
    so we got jack (his name is subjuect to change becuase he might be a girl)an jill
    this is jill the EE

    an jack the bronze standard turkey

    so now we fast forward aa few weeks an they r 4 weeks old. i have sold big boy an the coop is ready for the little ones to come in.... so i thought....... so i went fishing all day the day i put them in the coop.....i come home an check the coop an well the chickens almost killed jill from pecking here to death an he hero jack was protecting here when i found them... ****** WARNING VERY GRAHPIC PICS COMMING** if you dont wanna see the pics i hope u liked this article on i will post updates of the injuries as they heal.....

    well this is what i found [​IMG]( grahpic coming)


    thats my EE.. she had her head pecked so bad that what u see is her Skull [​IMG][​IMG]
    BUT im luckly becuase she eats an drinks witch is a merical!

    an the BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE HERO HERO jack my turkey who took a beating protecting jill but his effort saved her life


    they pecked the back of his head an his wing just that one side becuase he stood over her with that wing spread over jill like a blanket
    my hero [​IMG]

    so.... thats my story so far i will keep updating the article... ive applyed neosproin to all wounds an right now its day 2 an the neosproin helps alot thanks for reading

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