These are pictures of my chicken coop in Spokane. I had never built anything like this I think I did pretty good! I did all the work myself too!
This is the before photo. It was an old shelter/feed stall for a horse. I ripped out all the "insides" so I could start with a hollow shell.

Emma, watching the chicks.

The coop will be 12'x16" when finished. I added cross supports to the floor AFTER this pic was taken.

I built the walls on top of a 4x4 base so that their would be room for the pine shavings.

This is the back side of the coop/barn. You can see it's set back inside the existing roof line. This turned out to be a great idea, and wish I had done this on the front too.

Added security to keep out unwanted critters.

Hard to see here, but there are pop out doors on bothe the front and the back walls. I figured it was good to have an "escape" route just in case!

Insulated the walls and ceiling for added warmth. Should have done the floor too!

I got the vinyl in the remnant section at Home depot.

Still in the brooding room in the house...the chicks are getting big and anxiously waiting for the coop to be finished!

The coop stood up very well to the heavy snow! You can see the "barn red" with white trim in this pic.

The first egg!