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By redtailross · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. redtailross
    Im Laura, a Brit living in Alaska, pretty far from home really. Im currently partially living my dream of owning a small holding.
    We started out with 10 acres, with a beautifully small log cabin, close to work, but far enough away that people don't want to visit... We are currently raising a variety of chickens, of varying sizes and productivity.
    I have Red and Black sex link, they are friendly chickens whi love to have a "chat", but no my prettiest... We then have an egg eating Brahma,who's fate I have net decided upon, a white Cochin, who is not a good example of her breed, a Partridge Cochin Rooster possibly...who is very very handsome.

    more to come its bedtime

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