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Redturtles Chicken Brooder

  1. redturtle
    Page created by:redturtle
    [FONT=courier new,courier]well...upon checking out all the pages...this will just be put up for fun...[/FONT]
    we have a dog that likes to lay in a childs swimming pool during the summer...so we are borrowing that from her
    then we got some chixn wire to go around so they couldnt hop out...it uncurls perfectly and self-hugs the pool[​IMG]
    we hung the heat lamp from one of the roof rafters in my hubbys shed so its adjustable
    added food and water on top of the newspaper/pine shaving floor...
    and presto!!!
    we actually started w/ a smaller pool (the one thats only about 3' in diameter...but since we are getting more chix we upgraded to Kansas' pool since she isnt using it yet)


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  1. Gone-Quackers
    That's pretty much the method I've always used except I use a stiffer wire than chicken wire. Easy to use and works great in the garage.
  2. DianaMallory
    Love it but can't use it. I would have to have more solid walls around it to keep my dogs out. For some reason my dog goes after the chicks when they are little but when they are big he doesn't bother them. Probably because most of them are bigger than he is. But love this idea!
  3. AKfishchic
    How long did you keep your chicks in this? When did they outgrow it, or could you keep them in it until they were ready for their coop?
  4. Brennychicks
    this is a wonderful idea!
  5. palm
    If I ever get day olds i'm going to do this
  6. mfaith694
    I love it! It is cheap and easy.
  7. RAST
    Yep, my geese would be mad if I took their pool:).
  8. LightningTFarm
    I used the exact same size kiddie pool as my brooder last year, once my ducklings outgrew the 40-gallon watering trough I had them in first. I put the pool on our rolling scaffold, so it was high enough up that the dogs couldn't even see in it. I duck-taped a 1x4 across the top from one end to the other and hung the waterer from that. I'm using that same pool for my Giant Dewlap Toulouse geese now, so I'll have to either buy a new one for this spring or come up with another idea. I'm trolling this site to see what good ideas everybody else has!
  9. ash11
    That's such a good idea. Who would have thought our kid's swimming pools would make a good brooder? I'm definately going to try this!
  10. suncatcher
    Great idea!! Fast and easy indeed

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