Hello everyone,

We are new to the forum, but have been keeping chickens for about 10 years. We were introduced to the world of the chicken by some friends of our in England who always kept 2 hens and a "cockrell" as they called it. We thought it was way cool to go out to the hen house in the morning and eggs for that mornings breakfast. I finally talked my wife into the idea and we became acquainted with McMurray Hatchery in short order. Raised the first batch of bumblebee sized chicks in the living room in a giant cardboard box!. Last Fall a racoon finally got past our defenses and polished off the last 4 of the original 25. This Spring we upgraded our defenses and now have a flock of 14.
Now a different problem has arisen. Two of our girls are BOYS! We live in Southlake and while hens are tolerated, roosters are not. We were told that these 2 birds were Silverlaced Wyandottes. Of course these same folks told us they were hens - so we really don't know what they are. But we know they have to go - and SOON, because they are starting to make noise. They are about 16 weeks old and quite beautiful. Can't post pics because we are too new to the forum, but we'd be happy to respond by email with pics. We'd like to trade for hens of any large variety or give away outright.
Somebody help!