By hurleygirlie05 · Apr 9, 2012 · Updated Apr 16, 2012 · ·
  1. hurleygirlie05
    My daughter and one of her favorite "yellow chickies" were spending some bonding time when I captured this photo. I just love it. The chick is a golden sex-link.


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  1. hurleygirlie05
    Thanks everyone! My photos usually just sit on my hard drive but I DEFINITELY want to frame this one!! My daughter kills me with her hat. She has the most beautiful curls but for the past month, she insists on wearing this hat! I pick and choose my battles and this is one I am not fighting. ;o)
  2. Gofygure
    That is a beautiful photo. :) Frame-worthy!
  3. laul28
    this is adorable
  4. soffeann1997
    That is so cute.

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