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By renart · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    -= Welcome to Foxdog Farm =-
    I dont know much of anything about this html stuff and the making of web pages, that is my wife's thing, but of course, she is also a .phd and soon to be author, and brilliant, the planner, note taker, list maker, sweetheart, beautiful and busy type of person. I just provide the back and the moral support. But I will give this a shot anyways.

    At the farm we focus mainly on a few things, our small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, our [CSA] Community Sponsored Agriculture, and trying to be as eco-friendly, farm friendly and green as we can. Let's see if I can get a picture to work :)

    With the openness of our piece of property, with water(salt) on 3 sides of us, it gets pretty windy here when mother nature decides to lift her sails. There is lots of sun here, after May, the sun is up by about 430am and stays until almost 10p, but there is also no shade, unless we make it.

    Currently with all the rain we have had this fall/winter we are pretty soggy around the property. As you can see in this picture, our winter lake is still here, and the back of our property is still inundated with the watery stuff.

    We plan on adding in our coop within the goats area, this way they will be close enough to the house for us to manage them, but, far enough away to keep the spring breezes still fresh! We have some ideas of what we want the coop to end up looking like, but, being I am going to be building it, that doesn't always happen, jack-of-all, master of none. For certain the main thing is it will need to be up on block pillars to keep the water out in the wet season. Since they will be free range most of the time, we are not sure yet if we need to have a run attached, since that will change the plan some for sure. As windy as it gets here the coop will need to be fairly enclosed, with windows and other openable openings to vent and let the heat out when needed.

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