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By Stephnet · Aug 28, 2012 · Updated Aug 28, 2012 · ·
  1. Stephnet
    My repurposed coop cost only $49.99 for the 2 wood floor boards that I did have to actually buy, but everything else I was able to re-use to fit my coop. It all started with the 100 yr old barn that was falling down on our property. I had a friend help tear the rest down and in doing so, he wanted to help me make a chicken coop from all the old wood and supplies that he had ready to "scrap". I was all for was the start to my coop of my dreams.....
    This is the barn that we had to tear down, so it will live on in my chicken coop.
    Getting the four corners set...

    One side all put up, the windows were from a house that Tim my friend, helped tear down, so he keep the windows and offered them up to me.

    Side and back set with both windows with my husband and friend. Awesome to have them with screens and gives great ventilation having them across from each other.

    Getting the door in. This door was going to thrown out as the owners did not like the "foggy" effect that it had, but Tim said he would take it off their hands and it became my French Door for my chicken coop for free!

    Roof is set - we found a pack of shingles in the barn, so added this to the roof, my husband had the black wrap paper as he works in construction....., just adding the wood along the side, remember all the wood came from the old barn.
    Pretty much done

    The completed coop! I did buy my decorations thou :)

    The enclosed friend Kim lent me her dog kennel to use until we are able to fence in a better run, but I am liking this run....We added a fence to the top of the run and laid fencing along the bottom of the run, so no predators could come from above or dig from below
    I used an old shutter for my ramp into the coop. Notice the green wire fencing laid on the ground of the run, I have sence covered it with straw and they can scratch all day long.
    This shows 3 of my breeds, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire and Wyandotte.

    when they first entered the coop....I used plant hangers to hang up the water and food. I also use pine shavings in my coop, smells wonderful

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  1. casportpony
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 29, 2018
    Really nice coop and run!
  2. Nardo
    "Old barn wood"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    Great job on this up-cycled coop.
  3. Hope Hughes
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    Love the French doors!


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  1. Stephnet
    The speckled chicks are my Silver lace wyandottes, they lay speckled brown eggs, but tend to be a bit pecky when you pet them.
  2. Tammy N
    What are the speckled chicks in your flock they are pretty
  3. Stephnet
    Thanks Tammy, I enjoy being able to go out and be inside the coop with the chickens, makes it easier for me to clean and makes me smile when I look out at it.
  4. Tammy N
    This is awesome , I just got a hanging waterer for inside the coop and a long metal one for out side .
    This though wow could be a guest room you did spoil your chicks WTG
  5. chicksbunsdog
    I love how you used the shutter as the ramp - innovative - and cute decorations on front of coop!
  6. maidenwolfx80
    I love it, very nice job I give it an A+

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