Rescue Babies

By Tonyg503504 · Jun 20, 2019 · ·
  1. Tonyg503504
    :thumbsup I found these baby birds that fell off of a tree.So i had to save them and put them back in the nest but then they fell out again and i knew a rat would get them or they would drown so i fashioned a little plastic box for them and put it where momma bird would find it its a good that she is very attentive and shows up like 40 times a day with varies bugs the only thing im worried about is heat stroke and dehydration so i try to mist them down a couple times daily its 90 plus with 100% humidity they were panting earlier really bad and im not sure theyll live so i was reluctant to post a heartbreaker:hit:hit but i am still hopefull:fl ps does anyone know what breed they are ? Ill try to get a mom pic:pop 20190617_073348.jpg 20190617_073348.jpg 20190616_171346.jpg 20190616_171214.jpg 20190129_121953.jpg

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