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By rescuer · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. rescuer
    I just rescued 23 chickens, that were being left and not fed and watered. Some neighbour had given them wild bird food to keep them alive. They actually look alot better then I thought they would, and I dont think they have been neglected to long. They now have a nice double coop and will be well looked after. My question is though, how can I tell how old they are? They do not have very big combs. I have had chickens before and I think these are young and maybe havent started laying yet, they are a good size though. The combs are not old and shrivelled up they just dont have much of one yet. My only guess for age was their combs, but is there some way to tell? There are black ones, white ones and brown ones.

    Thanks so much for any help

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