Restored 1930's Coop
I always had fond memories of gathering eggs and watching the hens with their new chicks when I was growing up. Now that I have a family of my own I want them to have alot of the same experiences that I had growing up and I want them to have the best food possible. We already raise our own beef and pork and have a beautiful garden, chickens seamed like the next step.

We had an old brooder coop that we had moved down the road to use as a creep feeder for young calves. For the last 10 years it has been used off and on, I asked hubby if we could move it back home and fix it up for a coop. He said yes!

The coop was sitting on telephone poles that we used as skids the first time we moved it. Unfortunatly those poles had rotted and we needed to use the Skid loader to lift it and put new poles under it. We the used a peice of gaurd rail to brace the poles together. We then used a chain to hook it to the tractor and pull it home.

He then set it on 4x4's on the cement pad where the Original coop was. Shured up all the corners and bolted it to the 4x4 and then pounded
rerod to anchor it to the ground.

After painting the roof and trim I decided it was too much work to paint the whole coop and then have to repaint it in 10 years! So I contacted a friend who did home improvement. We were going to put plain white metal siding to match the rest of the building but the price was through the roof. Luckily he had a box of siding left over from a previous job and he would only have to order 1 more box. So Vinyl siding it was!

The Coop faces the South, with 3 windows, we had a left over storm window, so we put that in on the East side. (P.S. the chicks really like it)
I sanded, painted and shored up the old windows and replaced the broken panes of glass.

The Finished Product

The Inside

Happy Residents