Our two big reds are roosters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shoot...We must have jinxed them when we let my grandson name them Jack and William.. We stared looking on the web at rir roosters. And sure enough it described Jack and William. Our landlady raises chickens and said we probably won't have any problems keeping the two roosters. But to keep an eye on them that they might start picking on the hens. We have come to love our boys just as much as the girls. As far as I'm concerned, they are two of the girls dressed up as roosters!!!!!! I don't want to have to get rid of them. She also said not to worry about the eggs. As long as we gather them every day and put them in the fridge we should have no problem. We'll give it a try.
Jack, the biggest one (the rooster) is so pretty. He is big and you can see his green feathers starting to shine when the sun hits his tail. He is so pretty. William is smaller and less vocal. Pickels and Red are the rir hens. Mila and Olly are the leghorn hens. Olly is the most inquisitive. She is the first one to check something out. Pickels is the first to come over and talk and just hang out with ya. Jack will come over and say hi and let us pet him, as for the others they just say hi.
They love being out of the coop. When we are out in the yard we let them out. They love it. It's really hard to get them back in their pen though.
Have a Happy Chicken Day