Hi, We are new to this chicken raising. My daughter, Joanna and I, thought we would give it a try. It's been fun so far. We have four Rhode Island Reds and two Leghorns. I forgot what kind of leghorns but we will try and up load pic of them. They are black with a yellowish striped neck with a with a yellowish dot on each side of their jaw area and they can jump and fly quite a few feet. We bought the 2 leghorns first and 4 reds a week later. Now we have a problem. We think we might have a couple roosters. Two of the reds are bigger than the others even though they were sold as pullets and were making awfully strange noises the other morning that sounded almost like crowing. We love them all. We kept them in the house, in a pet crate until they were just too big to keep in it any longer. We would let them out for a couple hours every day to check things out. We covered everything in sheets cuz they are "dirty" birds!. They were so happy when they got to move outside. They loved their new home. My daughter and I made our coup out of stuff laying around the house. We bought chicken wire and screws and a couple hinges. I really don't want to have to get rid of them but we are not ready fpr any babies yet. We have thought of the idea for maybe next spring but that is way off yet...............................
My grandson, who is 9, really enjoys the chickens. When we let them out of the coup he makes sure they don't get into any trouble and keeps the cats away from them. We have four cats and two dogs. So far so good. Our coup may be a "redneck chicken coup" but we put it together like Fort Knoz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I'm glad we found this site. So far it has been a big help. We will be uploading some pic later this evening with hopes that some of you may help us out in identifying our chickie poos.
Your new friends,
Rhonda and Joanna Root