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  1. Scifisarah
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    Welcome to Cozy Cochin Cottage, home to my lovely mottled bantam cochins!
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    Summer 2013
    We did a total remodel on the inside of our coop. I did some reading about "poop boards" filled with PDZ powder that would work like clumping kitty litter and thought it could be great for keeping the coop cleaner. Some of our cochins can't jump very high, so on one side I made the platform only about 18" off the floor (with nest area under) and on the other side high enough to hang the food and water. Plywood and 2x3 for supports are AC2 treated, and 2x2 roosts, 1x3's around edges and decorative boards in front are untreated.



    I am planning on getting some wicker baskets to put in front of the egg ports for nests:

    Framing was done with 2x3s to make sure everything was sturdy enough to hold the birds, feeder and waterer.

    A reptile sand scoop works well with the Sweet PDZ powder:

    Spring 2013

    We put in thick landscaping fabric in the beds around the run, and planted violas this year. I think most predators would probably be a bit confused if they try to dig under. :)

    Found some cute fake flowers at Goodwill for the flower boxes. If you have chickens that can jump high, real flowers are not a good idea!

    Winter 2012

    Had fun decking everything out for Christmas this year. The lights were set to go out around 11 pm.

    Fall 2012

    We had a bumper crop of gourds that grew unexpectedly from our compost heap this fall. They were too hard to cut up for the chickens, but the squirrels sure did enjoy them!


    Spring 2012 Egg Ports
    We originally built the coop without outside access to the three nest boxes on the inside. Later we added these large PVC pipes and caps with handles to access the eggs from the outside.



    Original Coop Build and Run Photos:

    Building in 2007

    Frame is made from 4x4 treated posts, leveled and cemented into ground several feet. Bottom is treated 2x6 boards. Ground to the top of the 2x6 boards is about 20 inches. The ground we dug up for the posts is almost pure sand, perfect for a chicken run!

    We used the textured plywood siding from Menards.

    Back 2x4's and siding plywood added.

    Two front and a side window framing are in.

    2x4's for roof supports on finished.

    Roof plywood and some of the inner plywood has been installed.

    Roof has drip edge and shingles. Working on the front siding.

    Front siding is finished. Two lower holes are for windows, and the top square holes are for vents. We cut the window holes out after the plywood had been attached to make sure it matched up well.

    Starting to paint!

    Green paint finished. We used Dutch Boy "Airy Mint" from Menards.

    Working on white trim paint and almost finished. We used Dutch Boy "Antique White" from Menards.

    Sash/garage windows have been added. We used the pieces we cut out of the square vents and doorway to create flaps and door. We also added boards to the door to make it stronger. Flower boxes attached under each window.

    This shot shows the door a bit better. Lots of room under the coop for chickens to get into shade or away from rain if they are too silly not to go inside.

    Small chicken door on side.

    Rungs seem to work best for the ramp. We tried outdoor carpet for traction, but our birds were not able to manage it. I imagine it would depend on the breed and agility of the bird though.

    We installed our run with 8' treated landscaping timbers from Menards. Run door was also constructed out of the landscaping timbers. We buried chicken wire down a few feet, and also made a double layer at the bottom. You will also notice in our more recent photos that we installed treated 2x2's and bird netting over the top to protect from flying predators after a red tailed hawk decided we had a lovely cochin buffet:

    We planted three crab apple trees in our run, but they did not fare well. The chickens dug at the roots so we covered the base with rocks but they also jumped on the branches and pulled many of the leaves off. Two of the trees died after a couple years, and the other we replanted in our yard before it met with the same fate:

    Our run soon had all grass and vegetative matter removed by the birds, but luckily we had nice sand underneath. Not good for growing a lush green lawn, but very good for chickens and good drainage! Never add organic matter (straw, wood shavings, mulch) to your run as it will only make smells, bacteria and muddiness worse in the long run:

    We planted the flower boxes at first, but now use fake fabric flowers since our chickens soon realized where to get an easy treat:

    Initially we built a ladder roost but found it too messy, especially when eggs were laid underneath. These are the young Ideal hatchery cochins we started with years ago. It was fun getting such a beautiful mixture of colors for our first flock and the cochins really won me over.

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  1. SimplyLivinthatFarmLife
    "Cozy Cochin Cottage"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2018
    It really does have that cottage feel. Thanks for sharing the steps it took to build the coop and run along with the pictures. Really cute!


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  1. KathyJB
    That's really nice and looks pretty simple to build.
  2. Scifisarah
    For the top of the runs, we used the cheap netting that is sold to keep birds and deer off of fruit trees. We use a staple gun and staple it to the fence top and support 2x2's (treated wood). For several seasons, it got destroyed in the winter, then we learned that if we pull it quite taut when we attach it, it won't droop when it gets covered with snow and ice The last application has lasted 3 1/2 winters now without breaking. Keep in mind that this netting protects against birds of prey only. Raccoons would be able to tear through it without any trouble.

    I really am enjoying how the beds around the run dress things up. We put down a layer of fabric cloth and cedar mulch so I think that would probably further deter any animals from digging under since they might be confused by it. The only drawback is when I let my chickens out to free range for a bit, they think it is great sport to kick all the mulch out. :)
  3. DutchsCluckers
    Awsome run! I am in the process of building mine. Got fence up but am stumped on the roof of the run. I see a series of boards and fencing for your runs roof. What are the materials you used for the roofing portion? Also thanks for the idea of putting in beds around the run, I am officialy in planning mode.
  4. Scifisarah
    Thanks! We built it up off the ground for a couple different reasons. First, I was worried that we might have trouble with rodents if it was built right next to the ground. Second, it would reduce water damage, being raised up. And third, it gives the chickens a nice place to stand when it is raining or snowing outside, and it is tall enough that I can clean underneath or easily grab a chicken if I need to.
  5. fuzzybutt love
    congratulations on the front page!!!
  6. Strader
    why is the coop up off the ground? fence looks great as far as keeping any animals out.Very nice job !
  7. Troy6671
    Excellent job! Very cute!
  8. Scifisarah
    My husband and I worked together to pull it tightly. It is certainly a two person job if you'd like it to look nice. Since we built it, we now also have a staple gun that would have made things a lot more easy, instead of using those poultry staples and a hammer. Just make sure you purchase galvanized staples, and set the tension on the gun so it doesn't go all the way through the wire. On any enclosure I make in the future, I will probably use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. If we didn't have a collie that barked a lot kept critters away, I would worry more about updating ours since we have coyotes, fox and raccoons in the area.
  9. boxofpens
    Awesome coop and run. How did you stretch the chicken wire so tight?
  10. Studio2770
    Awesome coop! I see you have one cockerel who is looking handsome(third from right) and it looks like you may have one or two more in the back(not the puffy headed one).
  11. chickwhispers
  12. Scifisarah
    The base is 4'x8' and height is made with 4'x8' panels. We used the textured siding for the outside and also walled in the interior and added a bit of insulation between since we live in Michigan. If I had it to do over and intended on having a single medium-large flock, I would probably make it 8'x8' (twice as big) for the base so the inside would be more flexible with where to put the roosts, nestboxes, and hanging water/food. There would be more room to walk around that way. And remember, the bigger your coop is for the same number of birds, the longer it will take to get dirty and that means you can clean it less frequently. :)
  13. bilsie
    A lovely house. Could you please tell us the width, depth and height? I need to build a duck house and I think I could adapt your design, I like it more than anything else I have seen. Thanks for the information and for posting your story.
  14. ChemicalchiCkns
    Ahh CoChins for All.
  15. CrazyChookLady5
    it's a really nice coop I love the colour and the design of it!!
  16. chickenpooplady
    Beautiful coop! I love it! Congrats on CC-POW!
  17. TXchickmum
    This is so lovely!!!!
  18. TwoCrows
    Very Nice!
  19. hosspak
    Nice project. Very well put together, written and posted. In regards to your advice for not using litter in the run itself. The flock is a great way to make yards of free compost and fertilizer for my garden. The pipe nests were a little different, but if it works, nice modern touch...
  20. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  21. featherweightmn
    I love the windows! Great Coop!
  22. Scifisarah
    We always have used the same wood shavings in our nest boxes that is in the rest of the coop. For years our chickens used the nest boxes without any trouble. Then when we sold our hatchery birds and got the show quality adult ones, they were not interested in using the nest boxes and would rather just sit down in a corner.
  23. Hischick
    Great coop, and I love the color. Do you put some sort of hay or other material in the nests? I am curious, because my hens would not lay in an area without that.
  24. ParsonPlace
    This is really nice ! Love it , Great job.
  25. Stumpy
    It is absolutely lovely, from the coop to the landscaping.
  26. 6 littleHens
  27. marxmail
    Love the color and the windows... lucky chickens have alot of room to run around.

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