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By RiesChicks · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. RiesChicks
    So we haven't been on here in awhile. School, kids work and chickens.. LOL
    I think our girls have adapted well to their new home. They have gotten big and plump. We had an infestation of the Arm Worms here in GA. The girls enjoyed them as well as little sparrows, cardinals, and crows.
    I didn't want to spray the yard with anything so we took the hit for the neighborhood..:)
    We've been patiently waiting for the girls to lay eggs. We are unsure how old they are so that kinda makes things difficult. But they are fun to sit out and watch them interact with each other and the dog, who by the way is obsessed with their poo!
    Until next time,
    Ries Chicks

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