Breed Information:
Rhode Island Reds were named for the state in which they were developed.
They are a great utility bird, used for either eggs or meat. Rhode Island Reds were made by crossing native birds with Cochins, Brown Leghorns, Brahmas, & Red Malays.
Rhode Island Reds are a great layer of brown eggs. They are quite hardy & do well free-ranging. Hens rarely go broody.
Rhode Island Reds are very docile birds, roosters are sometime aggressive though.
Rhode Island Reds are available as standard size & also bantam. Their coloring is obviously red with green running throughout the body. They have yellow feet & a greenish-black tail.

^ The above picture shows a hen & a rooster RIR chicks. Notice that the rooster (right) has a reddish-brown coloring mixed with a creamy white throught his body, some RIR roosters are born like that, & other roosters (also hens) are born a reddish-brown with a brown stripe running down their back.

^ A picture of a molting RIR hen
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