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By risurocket · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. risurocket
    Just a quick bio here. Nothing fancy. I am from Wisconsin and it has always been my dream to have chickens and earn a little egg money on the side. I would love to have my very own farm (read zoo) some day, but for now I am blessed with a very generous landlord who uses our rented land for his organic vegetable gardens. He has allowed us to have chickens and our flock is doing very well so far. By spring we will have our full flock of 50+ birds and hopefully a few "hobby birds" for my own little bantam and Easter Egger flock.
    My egg business is called Chimmychuck Eggs.
    Here's a run down of my whole Chimmychuck flock: 1 Darling Daughter, 1 Darling Husband with super powers (paisleyfrog on BYC who still has to post :p) and 23 hens of various shape and body weight, 3 pet rats, 1 odd hamster, 2 cats who think they own the place, and 29 fuzzy butts peeping away in our living room: 5? RIR, 5? NHR 4? Red Stars (I can't tell these three apart yet), 12 Brown Leghorns, and 1 Grizzly Fluffybutt who is probably an EE.
    So, that's my chicken self in a nutshell.
    Pics: http://risurocket.freaksign.org/gallery/chickens I also figured out the BYC blog pages for photos. woo hoo! So, keep watching my other BYC page for updates. :)

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