Hi, you are visiting my new page featuring all of the animals. We all reside out on Long Island, New York. I grew up with an assortment of Horses, Goats, Rabbits, Chickens, Bantams, Ducks and Game Birds. As the years went by and all the animals aged out...interests changed, and eventually time gave way to a revival of the once greatly enjoyed...Chicken Ranch.
Below are some of the newly acquired
Ladies and one rather aggressive Roo by the name of "Little Jerry". So far there are 6 Araucana, 2 Bard Rock, 1 New Hampshire, 2 Amberlink, 2 Orpington. All are very friendly since I kept them in the kitchen for 2 1/2 months. Something that I do not recommend doing unless you can overcome the dust and are not allergic.
Construction took place on the coop and pen....fox and raccoon present a major problem on the property. The hen house was reinforced...new floor...all mouse holes sealed...fine looking habitat...now the pen was a different story......14 gauge 1 by 2 wire 6 foot tall to enable all to walk comfortably in the pen and the final protective measure...1x2 14 gauge 24 inch wire dug down around all sides of the pen and coop..... Oh, and the final final protective measure 1x2 14 gauge wire on the top....yes the entire pen is enclosed...wooden construction built to last.
The coop has 2 full double hung windows on each side and the front is totally open air...this front open air design was built originally in the 50's and has in the past served the hens well. The fresh air exchange eliminates ammonia problems. Of course, the open front is covered with hardware cloth and on top of that 1x2 14 gauge wire, so are the windows. Raccoons are very handy with those little hands and can pull a chicken out the smallest hole.
My page is going to show my hens their coop and barnyard friends. I hope you enjoy.
Due to difficulties on my part, the picture portion will be a little delayed
...Oh but wait I'm starting to get with the program.
Below are some of my fancy flyers






ok got a little carried away with the chickens The next pick's will be of Slick and Forrest the Goat