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By RMDelete · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Hi All! So my BYC account has been on Hiatus for a while but that doesn't mean I ever gave up on raising chickens, on the contrary.

    Short Backstory:
    When I first joined BYC backyard Chickens were had quite some hurdles to jump through in the City of San Diego. The home where my 3 RIR hens were raised was 5 feet SHY of meeting the minimum setback requirements for chicken ownership, couple that with the A-Hole grade neighbor my Sister had and viola! I had to rehome my girls, two months before BYCs became legal in San Diego.... well fast forward 5 years and we got out first home in Escondido CA. It was important to me that we got a home that was HOA Free and no restrictions on my animals, so unincorporated San Diego it was :)

    I now am the proud owner of the following chickies:

    3 Wyandotte hens
    2 Easter egger (mutts) hens
    2 Ayam Cemani hens
    1 Daughter AC/Wyandotte hybrid hen (will rehome soon)
    1 Ayam Cemani Roo

    3 Muscovy hens
    1 Muscovy Drake

    a bunch of eggs always in the bator!

    My goal is to raise some Ayam Cemanis for beauty and eggs, my dream is to one day import and successfully hatch some imported AC eggs I am practicing my hatching skills atm. Wish me luck!

    ---ORIGINAL POST-----
    Joind BYC forum! Glad to be here! :) yay!

    Here are my chickies
    My Nephews named them
    Dark Brown with Stripe on head : Twitchie
    Caramel colored one: Tweetie
    Lighter Yellow one with white tips : Goldie??? I will update this one when I figure it out.
    Here they are outdoors the day before Twitchie fell Ill

    Terrarium Pics!!

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