Road Island Red Eggs

By CHICKENBOY 1 · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
    Frequent layers, Rhode Island Reds are noted for their brown eggs. Although they can sometimes be stubborn, they can end up producing up to 200 eggs a year but a healthy one can lay more. When free ranged, their first year eggs can be too large to fit comfortably in standard or medium egg cartons. Nice hens can lay up to 6-7 eggs per week depending on their care and treatment. Rhode Island Red hens lay many more eggs than an average hen if provided plenty of quality poultry feed to order click here

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  1. toddo
    I've never had RIR before and I have 5, two are starting to lay eggs and have been laying for about two weeks now and they are pretty small. Question is are they smaller than normal eggs or will they get bigger. I'm guessing an inch long.

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