Here is our Coop!!!
I looked at many of the finished coops here on Backyard Chickens, and tried to take the best from each design. The inclosed area is 8x8, with two 2ft porches on two sides. That way the chickens and I both have a rain shelter.

Here is the front:

Here is the back before the two windows were installed. The pop door is also on this wall. It faces north for the winter sun:


Here is the side with the kick door for cleaning, and outside eggcollection door:

Here is the kick door open:

This is the roof vent with chicken wire for safety:

Now here is the front finished. Sorry about the mess. I have been working on a new project, and I have been keeping the tools out there.

Here is my new chicken sign:

Don't mind the dates, I don't know how to change it :)
Here is the inside looking in from the door. You can see the two floor to ceiling windows. They are covered in hardware cloth. The little ones love to perch up there:

Here is a picture of the inside kick door for cleaning. There is no 2x4 on the floor there so that the little can be pushed out. The little serama guys wanted in on the photo shoot.

Here is a picture of my fan and lighting. It is super crazy how much dust these critters create!

How about these unused nest boxes-storage area. I haven't added the roosting pole in front of them yet, as because I don't want them up there yet. There is a door behind them that I can open from the outside.

Here is a finished picture of the outside doors, and the water/hose area.

Okay, now the run. My husband planned, and built this portion all by himself. It sure works, but isn't as straight and pretty as the other parts



Here is a picture of the hardware cloth apron.

Here is a picture of their back porch. A lot of them just like to jump off the back porch. You can see the little ones taking advantage of the big ones being outside. They have run of the roost when everyone goes outside.

Here is the reason for the all the building mess. It is my new project "Combo Quail Condo/Serama Studio"