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By Robert Blosl · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Dec 15, 2012 · ·
  1. Robert Blosl
    This site is about Rhode Island Reds, White Plymouth Rocks, Buff Brahmas White Plymouth Rock Bantams and White Leghorn Bantams

    .We will share our birds with you, our started chicks and in early part of the seson which can be shpped to you when they are tens days old. Go to my web site and my picture trail .com site to see my pictures.

    If you need help finding Heratage type old fashion non hatchery Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Ilsand Reds contact me and I can help you get started or find breeders who will share thier stain with you.

    These are Heritage Stains and will not be found in feed stores or poutlry catalogs.
    Bob Blosl breeder

    Breeding and sharing eggs and chicks this spring in the following:

    Single Comb Rhode Island Reds, E W Reese large fowl shrunk down to a bantam 22 years ago.

    White Plymouth Rocks David Christy Line Okla.

    White Leghorns, AL Erioguria Line ID.

    Buff Brahmas Bill Bowman Line

    Do have large fowl Reds and White Rocks that are on another farm and sell chicks in lots of ten per box at ten days of age. Great lines Standrad Breed and will win at the shows

    NOTE: No hathery birds on my farms only Standard Breed. Just want to make this clear.
    Do Have Large Fowl White Rocks farmed out have 75 chicks all ready on the ground eggs and chicks for sale

    After Feb lst.







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  1. ChickensAreSweet
    Rest in peace Mr. Blosl. Thank you for all that you did for us.
  2. vebyrd36
    Hi I'm looking for a pair of Heritage RIR. Thanks VIVI
  3. Robert Blosl
    Yes the Heritage type Rocks and Reds are Docile. Why ??? We breed them that way we cant show a mean chicken so they are save for Kids, they lay very well , they got lots of meat to eat and they are so pretty to look at on the lawn when walking around. Great dual purpose breed. bob
  4. draye
    Wow! Those are some beautiful White Plymouth Rocks. I used to have some hatchery Whites but the rooster was very aggressive, so I got rid of them. If I decide to get anymore, I'll be contacting you. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Robert Blosl
    Matt has some good barred rocks and should be able to supply you with some males and females when he comes to the show.bob
  6. NC Giants
    Hi Robert, I would like some help locating a source to order some "Good" show quality Barred Rocks. I presently showing Giants and trying to improve what i have. They have come along way but still have a way to go. Thanks Shane. PS: I have followed your postings on and off for a year. Good job! Its hard to tell people what they need to hear without sounding like you are looking down your nose, and you seem to be able to do that. I'll be showing in newnan in feb

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