My name is Robin and I live in Northeastern Arizona. I'm originally from Wyoming. I recently (March 2011) fulfilled my life long dream of owning chickens. I am the proud momma to six Easter Egger's 2 roos and 4 hens.
- We originally bought two chicks and loved them so much we had to go back to the feed store a couple days later to get four more. I fell in love with their cute little chipmunk stripes and unique personalities. I originally didn't intend for them to become pets, but they have. I can't wait to get up in the morning to see what they're up to. They are nearly five weeks old now and I can't wait to see what the look like all grown up.4/28/2011
Here's the first two (Long Head on the left & Sidekick on the right) just minutes after we brought them home; about 3 days old.

Here's the whole gang. (L-R: Long Head, Sidekick, Chubby, Short Bus, Flash, Hammerhead)

Here they are at two weeks old. One of them is a bit of a slow learner; he was nearly three weeks old before he finally learned to roost. He still seems to be a week or so behind the rest of the group.

And at five weeks old.

Long Head Sidekick Flash Chubby Hammerhead Short Bus
Long Head is the biggest and the sweetest. She likes to be held and petted.
Sidekick is Long Head's best buddy. Where Long Head is, there's Sidekick. She is the most curious of the bunch.
Flash is FAST! She doesn't like to be caught or held...unless you happen to have some noodles.
Chubby wins the prize for prettiest so far. He's turning out to be quite a handsome fellow.
Hammerhead almost NEVER stops eating. She goes at the feeder like a jackhammer, yet is our smallest bird.
And then there's Short Bus. He's my special roo, a little bit of a slow learner. He eats and drinks and is growing, so I guess he's alright. He's giving a pretty good stink-eye in the picture.
Oh yeah, and Dawg the cat who now apparently thinks she is a chicken. (The chicks were not in the pen at the time)

7/18/2011 - My chickies are nearly all grown up. The roosters have started to crow ALL the time and hopefully the hens will start laying in a month or so! They are all over 4 pounds now and still growing fast. Our enclosed front porch has turned into their permanent coop. We are very fond of them.

Chubby Short Bus Long Head Sidekick Hammerhead Flash