Rockin' Turkeys

So I've been reading that alot of people are having a rough time starting their poults off to eating and drinking. Well the glass marbles or beads work for the waterer but what about starting them on food?
I dipped the babies beaks in the water as soon as they got home and stuck my finger in water then put it up for them to eat the crumbles off but they still didn't seem to get the idea.
So I cleaned out the brooder box from the chickens and also got out their "toys" a couple of old cds my fiancee didn't need anymore and was going to toss. I remember the fun the chicks had playing with them so I put them in the run with the poults and when I checked in later on I noticed all the crumbles were gone from around the shiney cds.
Here was my breakthrough I tossed in a couple more cds including one under the light, which they were avoiding like the plague and I have active day old poults.
These little guys are running around like my week old pullets were I can't believe the energy they have. I even noticed the little guy, who was flipped over in the carrier on the way home, running with the big ones like there was nothing wrong. He even had the energy to peck the puppies nose when they went in there.
I wish I had done this when Cocoa was having her problems and maybe this can help someone else that has some reluctant eaters whether they are chicks or poults.
Good luck with your fuzzy butts!