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By RockinChick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. RockinChick
    Hi, I am glad to be here. Finally![​IMG]
    I am a mother to 3 children (17,9,6mo), 2 dogs, many cats, Chamberlin 10mo old naked-neck-road-red-rooster, a speckled hen, a young 6mo old red hen, Guini and a new 1week)peep!(...more to come!)
    I am also a singer in a Rock Band and I LOVE CHICKENS! (BIRDS)
    I had many more older roosters/chickens,some baby ginnis, and a couple of ducks...but the neighbor dogs got into my (fenced)yard a couple of times and ate them all!!! Needless to say, after the 3rd time,I had to press charges. They have contained their dogs since, but I am still missing my babies!!!
    Chamberlin survived all the massacres...Dogs left him for dead in the yard all chewed up. I had to sew him up, the dogs pulled his skin off his head & chewed his craw OFF and anything he ate/drank, fell out the hole to the ground!
    You better believe I was on this site trying to fig out how to save his life.
    Thank U BYC!!!
    This website has been such a BIG help...and I hope I can help others[​IMG]

    My first time to hatch a peep:
    Any advice on how to post pics on backyardchickens?

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