Rockin' Rainbow Eggery
"A Rainbow of Chickens & A Rainbow of Eggs"

Chica, Our Easter Egger

In 2006, we first "adopted" a few chicks (5) from the local Fair.

We raised them for about 4 months, then gave them to a friend who had a "real" coop.
We never really planned on keeping chickens, but we loved watching them roam around the backyard.
AUGUST 10, 2009

14 - Day old Chicks arrived from My Pet Chicken
A beautiful mixed flock! And all very healthy!
Stella - Black Australorp, Bella - Bantam Buff Brahma, Tica & Chica - Standard Easter Eggers, Lucy - Red Star, Lacy - White Silkie, Miss Maybelle - Salmon Favorolles, Dominique - Dominique, Juliette - Cuckoo Marans, Felicity - Golden Laced Wyandotte, Penelope - Red Silkie, Sunshine - Buff Orpington, Peach Fuzz - Bantam Easter Egger, Maggie Blue - Blue Silkie

Snowfire and Crispin love the new babies!
Meanwhile, we begin the work of converting a Backyard Playhouse into
a Backyard Chicken Coop.
We add a roof, doors, windows, nesting boxes, perches, etc.!

Hubby Joe, the wannabe carpenter, is enjoying working with
his wife Lesa, the coop architect.
And Papa John helped out, too!

The chicks are growing fast and are ready for a move to their new home!

Peach Fuzz, (center) our Bantam EE, was supposed to be a Red Silkie!
What a surprise when she turned out to be an EE!
But she's a delight and lays a beautiful small blue-green egg!
Alaina loves looking for eggs every morning before school.
She's holding Miss Maybelle, our Salmon Faverolle

KAI , our Golden and Zeus, our Foster Failure Puppy
We've been fostering animals for the Humane Society since 2006.
We've fostered well over 100 kittens and now we've added puppies!
We love playing with the new "babies", and they become socialized with
our 3 kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats.
All but our Golden was adopted from the Humane Society.
Save a life -- Spay and Neuter!

Foster Puppies with Tess & Ari -- Crispin & Snowy showing off -- Crispin's favorite napping spot

The "Girls" are growing up!

This is "ME" (in the middle) and my 3 kids.
I left the corporate world last year to stay home with my kids.
What a great decision!
I'd have never guessed I'd become chicken "obsessed".
But it's proving to be a fun and rewarding hobby.
I created a "Rockin' Rainbow" Label for our Eggs

We got our 1st Egg on January 8th.
Lucy, our Red Star, lays 1 egg EVERY morning around 8:15!
She's SO reliable.
It seems like every few days, a new hen starts to lay.
The kids love finding the eggs!
Especially the rainbow of different colors... and so do I!
Next adventure! We just ordered fertilized "hatching eggs"!
They'll arrive in March.