Hi and welcome to the Rock Water Farm BYC page. We currently have 30 chickens. The breeds include: Barred Rock, Cochin, Cochin Frizzle, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, Cornish Rock, Sex link Red, Cuckoo Maran, Brahma, White and Cornish, Buff Orpington and Americauna. We also have 11ducks. They include: Muscovy, 2 Pekin and 1 Buff African goose8 . My ducks free range all day. At night, they go in the barn. I have 3 chicken coops. A main one which has a 10x12 run and a 5x7 coop. The other two are small. One is an A frame design which we use as a hospital. The other is a modified rabbit hutch used for chicks or ducklings. Both have runs on them. I love hatching eggs. My most recent hatch was 4 muscovy ducks. I recently made an area in the duck portion of barn for my bantam chickens.This way they weren't stuck inthe small coop when it is snowing outside. We are always adding chickens and other poultry to the farm so come back again.
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