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By Rod W · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Rod W
    2010-08-11 15:43:27 http://www.pluckwitheasypluck

    I make up and sell over the internet,a custom/hand made plucker called the Easy Pluck C/P chicken/pheasant Please watch as I pluck a duck, pheasant AND chicken in 2 minutes while catching most plucked feathers. I am a one man operation, my beautiful wife is currently recovering from Gullian Barre' syndrome or she would be on the computer,at least this summer she is walking, but that's life! If the above link will not work, you can just type in EASY PLUck

    When I was in High school, I worked at a local game reserve, plucking up to 100 ducks per night and we always had extensive cleanup! With my pluckers there is almost no CLEANUP!! Everything goes into the barrels.

    When I figure out how to add pics, I'll add pics of my bird dogs, 3 German Wirehaired Pointers

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