I wanted to use this as a frame:


but the metal is pretty flimsy and I don't want sparks to fly every time I use the drill. Also, hip roofing on my first non-bookshelf project ever= bad idea. This is my current plan, front:

and side view:

The roof will extend front and back, and I know the drawing is a bit off (the roost is much too wide, the doors will be the same size/rectangular, and I do plan to have actual nest boxes, not giant blocks of wood :) ), but this is the plan. Gray areas are ventilation, brown are doors, including a door that gives access to both nest boxes from the back. Any thoughts/suggestions/warnings/war stories welcome!
Changes already made but I'm going to put my eyes out if I have to mess around with that sketcher program any more: 1) removable poop board under roost, removed from far wall side, and 2) chicken door is on the currently invisible wall, closer to the cleanout doors. Food will be hung from ceiling inside cleanout doors, water on a block off the floor nearby (not under roost!), and grit/oyster shell boxes on the inside of the big doors.