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    Hi! We're in Ocean Park, Washington, the very southwest corner of Wa. on the little penninsula. We retired here from a little farn near Scappoose, Or, about 80 miles up river. There we raised Llamas, Angora goats, Pea fowel, Guineas, and of course chickens, mostly Auracanas. Here on the coast we have 8 growing 3+month chicks, 3 Blue Copper Marans (1 is a 'roo) and 5 Americanas. They have a fashonable 4x6 coop with a separate tractor pen for their travels. Our major concerns in this area are predators, coyotes, racoons, bald eagles, a rare fisher cat (these are very viscious), and black bears which are more interested in the chicken food than the chickens. So the coop must be secure at night and the tractor pen for daytime only, has a plywood roof. One day I hope to have them roam the back yard, but only when we are here to keep watch. We will load some pics soon!

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