Breed Details:
The Ronquieres is not a fantastic meat bird, but the quality taste is out of this world. Toms weigh in at about 10 kilograms, while females weigh considerable less at just 5kgs. It is a highly fertile turkey breed and very winter hardy (good job considering the ever-changing weather out in Belgium!) They are also superb mothers with a high hatch rate, and most often all poults in the brood reach 'adulthood' if left under the care of their ever watchful mother. Sadly if being reared in the home brooder, they dont do so well.... Ronquieres dont have very many carnuncles and sport a white beak with a blue base. The toes and legs are always white in pure bred Ronquieres. They also have other breed specific pointers...primary feathers are always darker than the secondaries and show a typical ‘stippling’, quills are always light in color and all the other feathers show ‘penciled’ markings with a fine white outline following the black edging on every feather. They now come in many different colour varieties such as Self-White, Ermine, Fawn, Patridge and yellow shouldered. There are some more modern turkey breeds over in the US that are similar and possible distant relatives of the Ronquieres, this includes the Royal Palm and the Sweetgrass turkeys..yet both of these turkey sorts are less than 100 years old...Ronquieres go back to the 18th century.